Professional Monitoring

E. Michigan Irrigation & Lighting offers a monitoring service for our customers. In addition to any regular checks, including mid season, monthly checks etc., we offer "smart monitoring". Any of our customers who have a system that is equipped with a Hydrawise or Rain Bird WiFi Controller, we can monitor for you. Anytime there is an issue with wiring, flow rates, leaks etc., we will be notified immediately. This not only saves money for you, it also saves your irrigation system, lawn and plantings.

Built-in flow rate and valve monitoring instantly alert your us in the event of a problem, so you can rest assured that your outdoor living space remains protected and your irrigation system is in good hands. We have convenient system access anytime from our web based application which is installed on all of our employees tablets for a range of remote management capabilities. Remote monitoring allows us to conveniently view, manage, and monitor your irrigation controller.