• • Do you have an older outdated system?
  • • Have you had extensive landscaping done?
  • • Are you looking to add to an area or change an area?
  • • Did you have your system put in and now you have added a swimming pool?
  • • Have you expanded the shrub beds or do you have a dry spot that you cannot seem to get enough water to?
  • • Are you unhappy with an old sprinkler system and you need help getting it right?

Your irrigation system is the life force of your lawn. Without proper watering, especially in our Michigan heat, sunshine and wind from the lakes, grass can die quickly. And repairing or replacing an irrigation system is a much better solution than replacing your lawn. If you do have to put in a new lawn, having a functioning irrigation system is essential to keep it alive. And now, with stricter state and local water restrictions in place, it is more important than ever to have a well-designed and functioning system.

After analyzing your lawn care requirements, we will provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE for the work recommended. Most systems can be installed within one day. We use only the best products - like Rain Bird - and the most experienced professionals and technicians to repair and/or install your irrigation system.